Physiological system of adaptation and endogeneus resources

Empowering the woman through the integration of her biological and social competencies

Whoever is interested in offering good quality obstetric assistance today, need to free themselves from both obstetric and psychological indoctrination. In order to do that, a conscientious study of the basis of human biology needs to be done. This should never cease to recognise the symbiosis between body and soul, and should aim at investigating the psychosomatic synthesis of nature.

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Why the world needs midwives with a hearth

In memory of my friend Tricia Anderson

Verena Schmid

Tricia was a passionate woman and midwife. We shared together this passion as well as the passion for teaching and empowering midwives, mothers, fathers and baby’s. We also shared our pain for the violence that women suffer during their most vulnerable and powerful time in life: during birth.

So, why do we need this passion today, why do we need a new way to deal with midwifery? Why does the world need midwives with a heart?

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Passionate Midwifery

A day to celebrate the life and work of Tricia Anderson 1961-2007 with leading midwives from around the world.

Saturday 14 June, Bournemouth University

By Nadine Edwards

What a privilege to be at this truly inspiring, creative and knowledge sharing, emotional, intellectual and spiritual day. This report cannot possibly begin to do justice to all those who spoke eloquently, knowledgeably, creatively and passionately about Tricia, her life and work, and about so many aspects of midwifery art,  philosophy, relationships, knowledge and skills. Many of the speakers had known Tricia for many years and talked about her life and passions. Describing both incredibly funny and poignant moments.

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