Born in Switzerland, leaving in Italy, Verena Schmid took her diploma as a midwife in Florence in 1979. She assisted home deliveries for 25 years. After six years of activity in a public health centre in 1986, together with other midwives, she founded “IL MARSUPIO“, an independent midwifery centre, where she worked till 1996, assisting home deliveries, offering screening in pregnancy, counselling, support and care to women with difficult pregnancies, teaching prenatal and postnatal courses. She offered special treatments against stress preventing and curing complications in pregnancy and birth. After that experience she started her own practice until 2005. In 1988, always in the context of “Marsupio” she started teaching with the first  postgraduate course for midwives, founding a school  with a global approach based on physiology, teaching many courses about midwifery issues. In 1993 she founded the professional magazine for midwives “Donna e Donna il giornale delle ostetriche” , the only one exists in Italy and direct it since then. In 1996 she gives life to the “Elemental School of Midwifery Art” , the first school in Italy with midwife teachers who offered postgraduate education in physiology and salutogenesis. To improve her proper education, Verena travelled a lot, and learned from many midwives and doctors internationally. She specialized in Polarity Therapy, Counselling and Focusing. She teaches now in many public health centres, hospitals, associations all over Italy, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Portugal, England, Greece, USA, Mexico and lectures in many meetings and congresses in Italy and in Europe. She leads one national and one international two year long class (every two years) on a master level to teach midwives a new women centred model of midwife–specific care, rooted in physiology and salutogenesis. In the year 2000 she was awarded with the international award Astrid Limburg for here engagement to promote midwifery and natural birth in Italy.  In 2003 she opened a website about informed choice during motherhood: In October 2011 she will start a recognised Master class at the university of Salzburg Austria about applied physiology in midwifery care and salutogenesis. She is co-author of several books (10) and author of five own books: “Linee guida per l’assistenza al parto a domicilio e nelle case maternità. Modalità di selezione, di collaborazione, di organizzazione, ed. Centro Studi il Marsupio (Guidlines for out-of-hospital births) “Il dolore del parto” (labor pain),  SEAO ed. Firenze 1998/2008 German edition by Hippokrates Verlag, Stuttgart, 2005, Spanish edition “El dolor del parto” by Obstare ed. 2009, English edition: “Birth pain” by Fresh heart publishing 2010 Venire al Mondo e dare alla Luce, Percorsi di vita attraverso la nascita, Apogeo ed. Milano, 2005, Spanish edition “Dar a luz con amor”, Pax mexico ed. Mexico 2009 Salute e Nascita, la salutogenesi in gravidanza, APOGEO ed. Milano 2007, German edition “Schwangerschaft, Geburt und Mutterwerden, ein salutogenetisches Betreuungsmodell”,   Staude Verlag 2011 Apprendere la maternità, le nuove sfide tra natura e cultura, APOGEO ed. Milano 2010