Coming into the world, living and dying are events of the same nature, that stretch over a more or less wide period of time, like a deep breath. They are interconnected events, matrices of the same unique experience, highly personal but also collective at the same time. The way we are born determines the direction of our future life as well as our future reality, in the sense that we create our environment based on who we are.

The current global crisis that we are living in the whole world, the crisis of all his structures and all its values, of the environment and climate, which brings to the brink of  self-destruction, originates from our separation from the laws of nature, from the mother (the female values), from the lows of ecology and social justice.

Today the illusion that we hold the control over nature creates the big illusion of a kind of security that nature itself denies every day.

The individualism, pushed to the extreme, has overshadowed the awareness, that we human beings function only together, in connection with others and with our habitat, as a whole system in permanent interaction. We can learn again looking to the culture of native people, of matristic societies, of experiences of communities.

Nature has foreseen that childbirth is a relational and love event, that creates strong bonds between mother and baby and father, the ground for the whole life. Living and attending birth in his human dimension, with wholeness, offers us all a teaching that we need today including the children who are coming just now into this world of ours.

Awareness and respect for birth and life, the search for a global, relational and affective dimension is in my opinion the root for harmonizing this world and help children to grow up healthy becoming adults capable of social relationships and personal wellbeing.

To give birth and to live in a conscious way is an individual choice, but needs social sharing. It needs knowledge, tools, comparisons: to this my blog is dedicated.

Verena Schmid